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The Akanthos Academy conducts research and and organizes seminars and conferences on the Goethean view of nature. A comprehensive international webside on Goetheanism is under construction.

We also have a Goethean exhibition on the evolution of humans and animals. On the associated website you can also get extensive visual material (example) to download. (See also Christoph Hueck: Evolution in the double stream of time - morphology of organic cognition.)

Goetheanism is a phenomenological scientific methodology. It is based on the way Johann Wolfgang von Goethe viewed nature. Goetheanism observes the phenomena as comprehensively as possible and processes them through imaginative thinking, which is not abstractly combining, but productive. It connects with the phenomena by recreating them internally. In this way, the phenomena show their inherent connections and their essence, which remains hidden from purely external observation. Although Goethean thinking transitions into inner views and experiences, it remains just as clear and logical as scientific thinking. However, it is richer than abstract thought because it also includes the feelings and will of the knower.

The Goethean method leads to a spiritual view of phenomena in their connections and thus in their reality. Rudolf Steiner followed Goethe's way of viewing nature and referred to this type of spiritual view as Imagination. Steiner saw the development of imaginative thinking as one of the most important cultural tasks of our time.

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