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Database of Quotations from Rudolf Steiner's Printed Works

The Akanthos Academy has developed a database in which quotes from the printed complete edition of Rudolf Steiner's works (GA) can be saved and categorized with keywords. It contains all 348 volumes of the complete edition printed up to around 2012 in the form of PDF files[1]. The database is based on the reference management program “citavi” and can be linked directly to the word processing program “word”. The program is subject to a fee, access to the database is free after registration. You can get trial access via the Akanthos Academy.[2]​

It is also possible to search for corresponding text passages in the database, but is much easier to do in the full-text searches[3] available online.

Citavi 1.png

Figure 1. Screenshot of the database. On the left the categories, in the middle headings of individual quotes in the chronological order of the corresponding lectures, on the right a corresponding quote with bibliographic information.

Fig. 2. The same quote as in Fig. 1 in the context of the lecture.

Graphical Representation

For orientation, we have grouped quotes by topic and presented them as mind maps (with displayed graphically. The individual entries in the mind maps are linked to the quotes. Here a Example

  1. The pdf files come from Free administration of Rudolf Steiner's estate.

  2. Using the database requires installing the citavi program on your own computer as well as corresponding access data. If you are interested, please contact Christoph Hueck.

  3. E.g. or the paid, but fully edited and continuously updated edition of Rudolf Steiner Verlag

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