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Ask for donations

We have been organizing courses, seminars, colloquia, conferences, online colloquia and webinars since 2015. We have also published numerous books on various topics. The main focuses of our work are:

  • Organization and implementation of seminars, colloquia and conferences on a wide range of anthroposophical topics 

  • Research into the content and methods of anthroposophical meditation

  • Research into the content and methods of Waldorf education

  • Research into the content and methods of Goetheanism

  • Exploring digital transformation

  • Publications on the above-mentioned topics


As a non-profit organization, we operate purely on a voluntary basis. We would therefore like to ask you to make a donation if you would like to support this work. This can be made as a one-off payment or as a standing order.

Thank you!

Our donation account is:

Akanthos Academy e.V. Stuttgart

IBANDE39 6039 0000 0505 1330 08


United Volksbank Böblingen

Note: Donation

For donations over 300 euros you will receive a donation receipt!

Please include your address when making the transfer!

For donations under 300 euros, your bank statement serves as proof of donation.

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